Brandon Sigette






Director of Instruction/ Teaching Professional


WHY DO I TEACH GOLF?  Simply, PEOPLE.  I love helping people. I don't just teach to play better, but I truly believe every player can increase their enjoyment of the game.  Golf is such a fascinating game that allows us to connect with the people we love and complete strangers in a unique way. I am forever grateful for the people I've met through the game and have built lasting relationships through teaching and coaching.  


I also believe golfers get more enjoyment out of building their awareness of their own golf swing. From fundamentals to advanced techniques, different personalities and interactions, my students and I are constantly learning.  I believe Professional Instruction benefits the player greatly by utilizing different perspectives to help us achieve our goals. 


Youth and Junior instruction is a major passion of mine. The future of our game is very bright!  Kids are starting younger and younger.  It is simply amazing to see the skills coming from Junior Golfers!


I truly enjoy helping students of all abilities find their maximum enjoyment of the game. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced golfer, or you're maintaining a scratch handicap, I think there is always something more to experience within the game. With over 5,000 hours of instruction experience, I feel like I've developed an evolving perspective on what connects my students to the game. 



I am thrilled that SGS has grown to five locations, The Royal Golf Club, Dellwood Country Club, Oak Glen, Applewood Hills, and Gem Lake Hills! I have been mentored and taught by some of the best instructors in the state and across the country.  I feel like these different perspectives have shaped my teaching and coaching philosophies into where they are today, and I am very grateful!

Steve Friedlander, PGA

SGS Lead Instructor/ Teaching Professional

STEVE comes to us after a very successful career all sides of a Golf Operation.  Steve has managed, operated, and helped to build several Top 100 Golf facilities across the nation, from Doral (FL), to Pelican Hill (CA), to Whistling Straits (WI), and most recently Big Cedar (MO).  

Steve's knowledge about the golf industry and golf swing is second to none.  We are very proud to have Steve as a Lead SGS Instructor at the Royal Golf Club in Lake Elmo, MN.


Lexi Jonas

SGS Junior Instructor

LEXI, is in her second year of teaching with Sigette Golf Schools.  Lexi will be entering her Senior Year at the University of Sioux Falls, where she as a top perfomrer on the USF Cougars Women's Golf Team.  

Lexi's understanding of the game and ability, coupled with her passion for teaching junior golfers make her a stand-out instructor when working with Junior Golfers, Beginning Adults, and High School Players.  We are proud to have Lexi as a Junior Instructor at SGS.


"The Road To Success is Always Under Construction."


- Arnold Palmer

"The Most Important Shot In Golf Is The Next One."


- Ben Hogan

"Of All The Hazards, Fear Is The Worst"


- Sam Snead