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Online Video Lessons

Online Video Lessons are a fast, fun, and simple approach to improving your golf game.  Send me some videos of 3-5 swings and give a brief description of the problem you're having and we will develop a plan to get you playing better golf in no time!  For a fraction of the price of a private lesson, Online Interactive Lessons are a great option for students around the world. 

Set-up, set up is super simple and takes just seconds.  Use your phone on a tripod or have a partner record your swing using these simple steps:

1. Make sure your recording device is 8-10 feet behind you. 

2. Have partner or tripod adjust field of view to hip height.

3. Aim Recording at hands and tap screen to pull into focus. (Parallel to Target line)

4. Record 3-5 swings and hit send!

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