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New Year, New Fun, New Swing, New Friends!

I hope everyone's New Year's resolution this year includes having more fun! In our day-to-day we can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle that we forget why we work so hard. Our motivation drives us to do more than achieve our goals at work, they give us the means and energy to do the things we love and are passionate about. But we also hope they afford us the time to try things we have never done and test ourselves.

Golf is a GAME!! Some of us forget this, in our quest to conquer the sport(myself included)! We are supposed to have fun with it, be able to laugh at ourselves, and embrace our heightened heart rates when we need to make a putt to beat our playing partner! Its a great way to spend time with our family, friends, and even strangers?! Yes, even strangers! I cannot tell you how many times I have shared more than a laugh with someone I'd never met, and would have never met if not, on the golf course.

Don't be afraid to make some new friends this year. Go enjoy the great outdoors, the beautiful sunshine, and the smell of the well manicured grass. Do yourself a favor in 2015, have some FUN! Get out there and PLAY! 2015 is YOUR year! I look forward to seeing you out on the course.


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