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Life Lessons of Jr League

Junior Leagues are a fantastic way to get juniors involved in golf at a young age. We try to make the lessons and play as fun as possible. I want their experience to be a total blast, especially if they are new to golf! This will create a lasting memory with the hope that they will become golfers for life. But more importantly, we are learning the life lessons that the game of golf teaches us.

We learn to PERSEVERE. If you've ever had a shot go foul, you were faced with two options:

1. Give up then & there and head home licking your wounds know the golf course had defeated you that day.


2. You would take the poor shot with a grain of salt, forget about it, and commit to yourself that you are able to hit good shots and your next one will be better!

I like the second option. While playing a game or in everyday life there will be good and bad. The better we are able to persevere, the better we'll handle every situation on the course, at school, at work, and at home.

- Coach B

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