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It is a fantastic time of year to be a fan of golf! This past weekend saw the first big PGA Tour event of the 2015 season! The Hyundai Tournament of Champions at Kapalua's Plantation Course on the Hawaiian island of Maui. I must say, if you've never been, go see it, the entire island is truly paradise. Not to mention some of the nicest golf courses in the US are within 25 miles of each other (as the crow flies).

Back on topic.... This event gives us a taste of all the new equipment and threads the golf companies are rolling out this year. Some of the major manufacturers are rolling out their new product lines as we speak!

Some of you have expressed that you are in the market for new equipment this year and that is fantastic! My piece of advice is to try these clubs out. Go with the clubs that make you feel good, feel confident, and look good to your eye. Confidence in making a good golf swing is half the battle in hitting a good shot. If you have more specific questions about new equipment feel free to stop in, shoot me an email, or give me a call!

Most importantly make sure you find a PGA Professional so they can assure your equipment is fit to you. There is much more that goes into the design of your clubs than you know, so let us explain!



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