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Golf Season Is So Close We Can Taste It!

With golf season right around the corner, we can feel the air warming, we see glimpses of green grass showing through the melting snow. This is both energizing and exciting! The truth is that there is no better time to prepare for the season than now. Many golf courses opened mid-March of last year, in our region. Meaning, we are potentially only weeks away from being able to get back outside and tackle the course!

Some things to think about while pulling the sticks out from under the shovels, ice picks, and snow melt in the garage:

1. Is your equipment ready?

Do you feel like you it is time to upgrade? Do you have questions about the advances in technology? Are you wondering if your equipment is truly custom fit to your physical measurements and playing ability?

2. Is your swing ready?

We often hang up the golf bag and shelf the golf swing for upwards of 5 or 6 months here, in the upper Midwest. The golf swing is not a typical motion in our daily lives and the reactivation of our swing muscles can create soreness. Care and conditioning of these muscles is extremely important now, as we don't want to have an injury sideline our golf games for any duration of our short season!

3. Is your mind ready?

Mentally we are building anticipation to get back out there. But with this anticipation, we can create anxiety that can be transferred into our golf swing. Remember "Anxiousness = Tension = Tight Grip = Poor Golf Swing". Sigette Golf School Indoor would be a great place to work this out... I suggest getting to an indoor facility to begin exercising that muscle between our ears to prep ourselves for the season ahead!

4. Are you ready to register?

Was one of your resolutions for this season to "play more golf"? What better way than getting involved in a local league? Leagues create a great playing atmosphere that commits us to getting onto the course once a week or more. This experience, from my observation, produces awesome opportunities to socialize and continue working on your golf game. The competitive level is typically very mild as many golfers have two common goals: Enjoying the great outdoors in Minnesota and having fun playing golf with friends! Chances are we have a league that fits your playing ability and preferences at one of our courses. Don't be intimidated, you'll find that you've made many, lasting, new friendships through the game of golf. This is why one of the biggest reasons I love this sport! League registration starts soon.

Follow these couple steps and invest in your golfing experience this year. You won't regret the friendships and enjoyment you find out on the golf course this season! If you see me out on the course, stop me, and say "hello!" I'd love to hear what you love about our game!

Until next time!

Coach Brandon

For League & Registration Information Visit:

For Lesson & Fitting Information Contact Brandon at:


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